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Bicycle insurance

For bicycle insurance we work together with Enra, the specialist in bicycle insurance. There are insurance policies for regular bicycles and electric bicycles. You can choose insurance for only theft prevention or theft and non self-inflicted damage insurance. We can also insure your bicycles when its not purchased at our shop. Click here to calculate your premium or visit the store for advice.

Coverage overview

ENRA Optimaal Diefstal

With ENRA Optimaal Diefstal you are insured against theft of your entire bicycle. But also insured if parts of your bicycle are stolen (such as your battery).

There is no depreciation on the bicycle during the insured period. Whether your bicycle is stolen in the first or last year of the insurance, ENRA Optimaal will reimburse you for a new, equivalent bicycle.

ENRA Optimaal Casco

Do you opt for ENRA Optimaal Casco? Then you are insured against theft and non self-inflicted, legal assistance, accident insurance for occupants and passengers and ENRA Pechhulp Europa are also included as a standard in this insurance.


If your E-bike is equipped with an activated track & trace module, you can use the Connected coverage. This insurance has the same coverage as Optimaal Casco.

You will receive a discount on the premium. Your track & trace module must be activated and be affiliated with an investigation service with which ENRA cooperates.

Extended warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty applies to your new E-bike. You can choose to extend the warranty period to 5 years. After the factory warranty has expired, ENRA can cover you an extended warranty!

You apply this with Optimaal Diefstal and Optimaal Casco or as separate insurance when purchasing your new E-bike.

Normal wear and tear is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and therefore also not covered by the extended warranty.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is included as standard with the Enra ‘Optimaal casco’ or the ‘Connected’ bicycle insurance.

Bad luck can happen and is always inconvenient. ENRA Pechhulp ensures that you are picked up immediately (together with your bicycle) in the event of a breakdown and brought back to the starting point of your bicycle ride.

The Enra roadside assistance service does not repair your bicycle, but it is a breakdown service. ENRA Roadside Assistance is valid throughout Europe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Second lock

It is always very important to properly secure your (electric) bicycle.

Sometimes a basic lock is not enough.

Always use a second lock. Breaking open two locks with a separate cylinder costs a bicycle thief too much time. As a result, bicycle thieves are more likely to leave your bicycle than a bicycle without a second lock. For bicycles with a higher price then € 3,500, it is even mandatory to use a second lock. This applies to all bicycles except racebikes and mountain bikes. A plug-in chain does not count as a second lock.

Cargo bike

You can also insure a cargo bike with ENRA. You can take out the same cover for this as for a bicycle or an E-bike. However, additional conditions apply.

Is your cargo bike more expensive than € 3,500? Then you are obliged to use a second lock. This second lock must be at least 2** (ART2) approved.

Is your electric cargo bike more expensive than € 3,500? In that case, in addition to the second lock, you are also obliged to have an activated track & trace module that is affiliated with an investigation service with which ENRA cooperates. You can then use the Connected coverage, which gives you a discount on the premium. You can read here which track & trace modules we accept. The following systems are available to you as a cargo bike user.

GPS Tracker

The installation of the Tracefy GPS tracker is accepted by ENRA.

The Tracefy GPS tracker is a small box that can be installed invisibly in almost any e-bike. It contains various sensors such as GPS, WiFi, shock sensor and Bluetooth for optimal location determination.

With the Tracefy app you are always virtually connected to your bike and you can see, among other things, where your bike is.

The purchase price of the Tracefy GPS tracker costs €199.

For more information, visit

* Mandatory by Enra i.c.w. cargo bike insurance.

Tracefy works in combination with a subscription.
Connectivity € 49,95 per year
Trace & Recovery € 79,95 per year*

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