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Adapted bicycles

Bikestore product range

Bikestore bicycle shops supplies bicycles for every phase of life and has a wide range of comfortable A-brand bicycles suitable for a wide variety of cyclists.

There are also adapted bicycles for cyclists who feel less or not confident on a regular two-wheeler.For example, the comfortable Van Raam Balance with a nice spacious entry. If cycling on a bicycle with two wheels is really no longer possible and/or more support, stability and balance is desired, the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle is a good choice.

Van Raam Premium Dealer

Van Raam is a manufacturer of adapted bicycles and specializes in the production of tricycles, low entry bicycles, side-by-side tandems, tandems and wheelchair bicycles.

The unique driving characteristics of every Van Raam bicycle provide a special cycling experience. With innovative and modern production techniques, by adding options/accessories and frame adjustments, Van Raam makes a suitable special needs bicycle for almost everyone. Each bicycle is unique and manufactured on demand. The unique custom bike is mostly available within 6 weeks.

Bikestore Julianadorp is a premium dealer of Van Raam bicycles

This means that Bikestore Julianadorp has a large part of the Van Raam range in their showroom.

Of course it is also possible to try the bike in your familiar home environment. If necessary, the bicycle will be brought to your home location. When a specific Van Raam model is not available in the store, it can be sent by Van Raam for a test drive at the store at the request of the customer.

Stay mobile longer

Fortunately, the following does not apply to all of us, but as people get older, they sometimes experience mobility limitations.

Most mobility restrictions are the result of complaints and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Accidents also play an important role in a decrease in mobility. Several products in the Bikestore product range make a positive contribution to the mobility of the elderly or disabled. This can be in the form of cycling independently or together. With the adapted bicycles from Van Raam, it remains possible to cycle independently for longer. There are different types of bicycles in the range, for different needs.

Think of tricycles and low entry bikes. If independent cycling is not possible, you can choose for a Van Raam side-by-side tandem which let you cycle together.

This keeps you moving and mobile for longer as an older or disabled person.

Looking for a adapted bike?

Find out how we can help you stay mobile longer.